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SQL is a fickle pickle

Yum, pickles… where was I?

Oh yea, SQL… I run a daily morning routine where I check error logs, mirror status and then replication status… What I find so odd is that this script runs fine for 6 weeks then this week it takes over 20 minutes to run the replication part. WTF? really SQL really? How come you run nice and smooth for 6 weeks and now it decieds to be an annoying little “B”.

Well I did a little digging and found that this “exec distribution.sys.sp_replmonitorhelppublication” little procedure runs a bunch of other scripts but if I go to the replication monitor it shows up almost instantly… so where the hell is it grabbing that data from?

I think we need to find out SQL’s secrets here and find out why this takes 20 minutes or longer to run and if there is any way to reduce this time… missing index? in inefficient cursor? or demon possessed server?

Any one have thoughts? Ideas? bread crumbs to lead us to the path?

Lets update this with ideas!


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The S known as SQL

So if you ended here you are either lost or well off the beaten trail. Firstly you might find something you need here or you will find a nice pile of out dated information that may lead you to somewhere else.

If you find something useful please post and let me know.

Lets start with the fact that SQL is a very fickle S… it never lets you get a word in and always takes advantage of you while you are not looking. Never let that happen keep one step ahead by actively learning and trying new things; on a development environment! Geez.

This blog may contain knowledge that you already know but it may also contain knowledge that you know is incorrect… so don’t be an ass. Tell me if my information is wrong I am a big enough person to admit it and update it with the correct information.

Now On To The Show. What do you want to learn first?

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