So you want to know about me?

Well I have a high school sweetheart wife we have been married for, (I should get this right or I will be in trouble.) 8 years (2005).

I have 2 children 4 years and 13 months… I am sleep deprived and so is my Wife.

I started out in a small web company doing everything, I moved to a government job where I did SQL development (This is where I learned to love the S that is SQL), then I moved to another larger small consulting firm where I wore a lot of hats (Learned so much thank you!) and now I am in a DBA position at another government position where I deal with VLDB’s and Process management!

If you would like to learn more… uh that’s creepy, I don’t even know you. 😛  Just kidding if you want to know more just ask I am happy to share, probably.


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