How to get multiple SQL’s at once… or something like that.

Once of neatest feature of MS-SQL is the Central Management Server. I have been using this for about 3 years;  mostly 2 years as I only played with it for the first year. I find it the most scary and powerful tool that allows me to run queries on all of my servers or specific environments to give me feed back on say, replication, mirroring or error log details.

This is also useful way to get the version information for SQL.

There are 2 draw backs that I have found, first it needs a central management server which for some (stupid) unknown reason cannot be added to the list of managed servers with out hoodoo black magic (using the ip address or the port instead of the instance) and secondly it only uses active directory which makes sense if you have only one account or you know one site; if you have multiple domains or multiple sites where SQL users are the only way to get to it then you are SQL… I mean SOL. 😀

Damn SQL you are a fickle “B”.

So try it out if you have one domain, or access to multiple domains via one domain account and the need to manage multiple servers then this is the tool for you… it can also run policies which is a topic for another day.


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